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BCDA Classes – FAQ

How can I find out when classes are scheduled?

The class schedule is finalized approximately 2 weeks before the beginning of the month. You can find the schedule here on this blog, by signing up for my email list, or by visiting the store where you are interested in taking classes. In-store, there should be an activities calendar at the front of the store as well as handouts at the registers.

How do I register for a class?

You must register in-store at the location where you plan to take the class. Any available cashier can register you for the class.

What is the minimum/maximum class size?

Michaels is currently waiving the minimum of two students, but this is subject to change. Michaels reserves the right to cancel any classes with less than two registered students, so if you want to ensure that your desired class will run as schedule, find a friend or family member who wants to learn and register with them. The maximum class size depends on the location and project.

Do I need to register in advance?

Please! Michaels reserves the right to cancel classes with less than the minimum 24 hours prior to the start of class. If you are planning to attend a class but cannot make it into the store more than 24 hours before the start of class to register, please email or call me (do NOT call the store). I cannot guarantee holding a class based on email registration, but you stand a much better chance than if you don’t let me know in advance!

How much are BCDA classes?

All BCDA jewelry-making classes are $25 for one two-hour session (EXCEPT the Kids Friendship Bracelet class which is $15), plus the cost of supplies. Since you have a lot of freedom in what supplies you choose for each class, how much you spend on your materials is up to you.

How do I know what I need to bring to class?

When you register for class, you will receive a syllabus that tells you what supplies to bring to class. Make sure to save your syllabus and receipt because you will need to show them at the beginning of class. Also, your syllabus gives you a coupon for 10% off all regular-priced supplies for class. If you have any trouble finding something listed on the syllabus, you can ask a Michaels sales associate for assistant or email me. During class, we will visit the bead department and I can help you locate any supplies you need then,  but please do not wait until class to purchase all your supplies because then you won’t have time to finish your project!

Will you be adding any new classes?

Michaels is adding new classes every month! If you’ve already taken all the listed classes, keep checking the schedule for new offerings. If there’s a particular technique you’d like to see a class about, please let me know. BCDA is a very flexible program.

Do you offer private classes?

We may be able to tailor a class to fit a private groups’ needs and schedule a date. Please drop me an email if you are interested in talking more about the possibilities. Jewelry-making classes make great events for bridal parties, birthday, and ladies’ nights!

What do I do if my question is not answered here?

Please send me an email! I’d love to help you. If you’re in-store, you can also ask a Michaels sales associate for help, or you can call into either store for details about the classes.

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